Are you a beer lover?

Do you like beer? Learn all the most important Spanish vocabulary related to beer.

The time doesn’t matter 🙂 In Spain, you will see people drinking beer in a terrace, beer and tapas. But, do you know how many types of beer you can order in a bar?

Look at this post and you will be an expert ordering this refreshing drink 🙂

¡Una caña, por favor!

It hasn’t got a specific size. All depends on bars and district. You also can order “una doble”. In this case, “la caña” multiplies by 2 its size.

¡Yo quiero un botellín!

20 cl of beer. It is also called “quinto”.

¡Para mí, un tercio!

If you are thirsty, 33 cl. of beer is one of the best options.

¡Yo una jarra!

This is the other option 🙂 “Una jarra” is like a pint glass.

Carmen Gumiel

Carmen Gumiel

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