Discovering the most amazing areas of Madrid

Madrid is ones of the best cities to visit in Europe. Discover the most amaing areas you should visit.
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It is the most selected area in Madrid . Take a step by Salamanca District, where you will discover Retiro park and a dense and elegant commercial area, considered to be the most important in Madrid, retaining the burgeois taste. Let’s go shopping in the area known as “Golden Mile”, where the best brands of clothes are: Prada, Loewe, Hannibal Laguna or Louis Vuitton.

These two areas, retiro and Salamanca district are the most relaxing, pleasant and luxurious in Madrid.

Have a day full of luxury while practising Spanish and discovering this area full of history!


Why not explore a world known Paseo del Arte? With this tour, you will get first-hand knowledge of a world devoted exclusively to culture. This area is surrounded by a great boulevard with museums, monuments, luxury hotels, gardens and fountains of the 18th century.

Together, we will discover the most important museums of Madrid – Prado museum, Thyssen-Bornemisza museum and Reina Sofia, a museum of contemporary art. Moreover, we will have a walk and spend some time in places that transport you to the past and you will discover monuments that you have not imagined!

I promise that all you will visit is worth visiting for the quality and history. You will be astounded with all the emblematic buildings and green zones


What about if we have a walk by the Golden Ages?

This is one of the most charming areas of Madrid, where some verses and plaques in memory of well-known writers are. Cervantes, Lope de Vega or Calderón de la Barca lived in the well-known district Las Letras, full o history.

We will have a walk by those charming pedestrian streets frequented by these literary figures of the XVI and XVII century.

Moreover, this area is one of the liveliest in Madrid, with attractive restaurants, taverns and antique stores. Apart from verses, you will discover a flamenco area, where all the most known «tablaos» are.


With more than 500 years old, Lavapiés is the most traditional and now multicultural district in Madrid. An estimated 50% of the population is not Spanish. Due to this multicuralism, Chinese New Year or Ramadam are really important.

If you are an ethnic food-lover or you like the traditional custom of going for beers, all this mixed with Moorish tradition, this is your tour! There are numerous places of interest, like Cabestreros Fountain, which exists before the XX century, or Corralas, buildings of the XVI century.

And, of course, we must not forget all the legends hiden in the street’s names!

Let yourself be captivated by the history, the social background and the peculiar streets of Lavapiés!


Have a walk by the 90’s Madrid decade! Discover the most emblematic buildings, neoclassical palaces, urban legends and markets exploring these two trendiest Chueca & Malasaña districts!

You will take a step by the gay area of Madrid finishing this walk in Plaza del 2 de Mayo, where the capital took up arms against Napoleonic Armies.

We will learn why Madrid’s buildings have those amazing iron balconies? Moreover, we will see neoclassical palaces or houses with seven chimneys, apart from all the legends they hide. During our walk, we will have a drink in the oldest tavern in the city, which opened in 1888. We will discover the heart of Chueca district and why it receives this name, as well as the only modernist building in Madrid, Longoria’s Palace.

Then, we will walk by Malasaña district. This is the most amazing, revolucionary and innovative district in the city. In Malasaña rised up «La Movida Madrileña» (a cultural and artistic phenomenon that took place in Madrid in the 80’s), time in which the cultural and ideological Spanish liberation took place. During this walk, you could learn about the Napoleomic Armies and how the capital took up arms against them. You will discover why this district is named Malasaña and we will finish this walk in Plaza del 2 de Mayo, where there is a a monumental arch, which was the entrance to the old Artillery quarters.

These walks allow you to learn more about the culture and customs of Spain, especially about Madrid!

Moreover, they are the perfect opportunity to practise and express yourself, since all these walks are done by native Spanish teachers, where everyone is envolved and taking part 🙂

If you want to get information about prices, duration or you have any questions, email us and we will be pleased to give you all you need!


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