Online Spanish Classes Films - Richness and diversity in the Spanish

Films – Richness and diversity in the Spanish Movies

Chico y Rita Directors: Trueba & Mariscal The film opens in Cuba at the end of the 40’s, Chico and Rita’s love story mixes up with Cuban music and jazz. With this film, you could learn:

  • Cuba and its culture
  • Essential Spanish expressions
  • Cuba Spanish language and accent
  • Cuban music and jazz

El orfanato Director: Bayona Set in the north of Spain, you will experience, with terror and mistery, the plan to reopen an orphanage for disabled children. The aspects you could learn are:

  • Galicia and its history
  • Spanish in Spain
  • Expressions with the verb “quedar”

El secreto de sus ojos Director: Juan José Campanella The investigation of a crime mixed with political intrigues. You will learn about:

  • Argentina and its history
  • Popular sayings and other expressions with “ojos”
  • Judge, Rights and Law.

Volver DIrector: Pedro Almodóvar You will go for a walk to a small town in La Mancha, learning about social laws and traditions with a colourful and vivid feeling background. With this fantastic film, you can learn about:

  • Spanish life
  • Castilla La Mancha region
  • La Mancha emblematic sweets
  • Expressions with the verb “echar”

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