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Spanish Idioms is something you should learn to improve your Spanish level and know more about Spanish culture.

Are you interested in Spanish colloquialisms? Yes? This is your blog! Here you can find many common Spanish expressions that are not always shown in textbooks. Spanish is characterized by its creativeness and expressiveness and I will try to collect the idoms more used 🙂

Whether you have a high level of Spanish or an intermediate level, I am sure that my blog entries will answer your expectations. You will have the opportunity to enrich your Spanish vocabulary and learn new terms 🙂

Today, we are going to learn some idioms formed with verb ESTAR 🙂 Here we go!


  •  a las duras y a las maduras means to be for better or for worse
  • al pie del cañón means to remain active 
  • a dos velas means to be penninless
  • de mala leche means to be angry
  • en Babia means to be absent-minded
  • en paz means to feel relaxed
  • en todo means to deal with all 
  • por los suelos means to be discouraged
  • para el arrastre means to be exhausted

Let’s see some examples to further understand them 😉

  • A good friend should be a las duras y a las maduras, not only for party
  • He has been all day al pie del cañón. He hasn’t noticed that the boss has come
  • I ‘m so sorry but I can’t lend you 200€, estoy a dos velas
  • When I get up and don’t drink a coffee I am de mala leche
  • The kid is always en Babia. He never pays attention in class, he is always absent-minded
  • I only need twenty minutes a day for estar en paz, listen to music and read
  • She is always en todo; if not, everything goes wrong
  • They are por los suelos since they lost their dog
  • I have been working ten hours per day for two weeks. I’m para el arrastre

I hope that this has been useful and you enjoy!

Carmen Gumiel

Carmen Gumiel

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