No one enjoys a hangover

Learn the vocabulary related to party and the effect of drinking too much: Hangover.


If you have had a great party, it’s probably you don’t feel good the next day. It would certainly «no te encontrarás bien». Moreover, «tendrás mala cara». In extreme summary, «tienes resaca».

You basically have two choices: You either rest all day long or you have «a caña» like a hangover cure 🙂

The best you can do is to rest, since you are «agotado». You can find some adjectives and idioms to describe your physical status 🙂

  • Estar resacoso / -a – Tener resacaTo be hangover, to have a hangover
  • PotarTo puke
  • Coger el puntilloEstar achispado / -a – Estar piripi: Tiddly, tipsy, under the influence
  • El garrafón: Poor quality alcohol
  • Estar muy cansado/-a – Estar reventado/-a – Estar hecho polvo: Tired out, washed out
  • Estar como una cuba: In the bag, off one’s face, rolling drunk
  • Tener mala caraTo look like death, to looko rough
  • No encontrarse bienTo feel off colour

I hope that they are helpfull and you enjoy them!

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Carmen Gumiel

Carmen Gumiel

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