Ordering Coffee in Spain

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There are a lot of types of coffee in Spain, so if you want to order the most you like, this blog post could helps you 🙂

Café bombón (for the sweetest)

It is an espresso with condensed milk.

Café solo

It is an espresso.

Café manchado

It is an espresso with a little milk.

Leche manchada

More milk than coffee.


More coffee than milk.

Café con leche

It is bigger than Café manchado and It is served equal parts espresso and milk. The waiter could ask you if you want hot or cold milk. Normally, we order it for breakfast.

Café con hielo

For summer! The waiter will give you a cup of espresso and another one with ice. First, you put as much as sugar as you want, mixed it, pour your coffee into the ice and enjoy!


No milk but alcohol! It is an espresso with rum, brandy or whisky.

Now, you are ready to enjoy a cup of coffee in Spain 🙂



Carmen Gumiel

Carmen Gumiel

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