This course is designed for people who want to learn or improve their Spanish level significantly. You will learn and perfect all the basics of how to communicate from the simplest to the most complicated, assimilating all concepts in an easy and effective manner.


50 Spanish phrases you need to talk in any social situations

Hi, I'm Carmen Gumiel

spanish teacher online

I was born in Ciudad Real, a small city in Castilla la Mancha (Spain).

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English Studies from the University of Castilla la Mancha and a Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University of Alcalá (Madrid).

I have been working as a Spanish teacher in Madrid for several years. I have had great times with my students and I have learnt a lot from them.

After three years working in a Spanish academy, I decided to leave the company and start my own online academy, CM Spanish, since my students encouraged me to take this step.

This was the best decision. I enjoy every minute of my work in my own setting without the bureaucracy of a language school hindering my students to get my full teaching potential.

online learning


It’s the perfect option for students who want to learn in the comfort of their home or have little time to study.

The lessons are flexible, you schedule your own weekly timetable. You also have the possibility to cancel the lesson!

The lessons are intensive, productive and never boring! Spanish grammar is explained in a simple and comprehensive way. Your fluency will increase thanks to the plenty of listening and speaking practice!

Online  lessons are totally personalised! You decide what you want to learn and the rhythm of learning.

You decide how long you want to study (one, two, three weeks, etc) One lesson is 55 minutes long.

We will define together a roadmap to get your goals. Then, I will create a 100% personalised study program to ensure that your objectives are hopefully exceeded.

Booking your lessons you will receive all necessary material for the class by email. After the lesson, I will send you «extra» material to work at home.

You can have 12 lessons weekly (55 minutes each) for 240€ or you can pay 20€ per lesson (55 minutes long) and have it when you decide.

There are six different levels, from beginners to fluency, so don’t worry about your level, lessons will be totally adapted to you.

Plenty of listening practice will be send to you to practice at home and we will talk a lot to improve your communication skills. 

You can book the lessons you want weekly and you can cancelled or reschedule any of them up to 24 hours beforehand without charge.

Tired of 'old learning methods'?​

If you want to learn Spanish without dying of boredom, I can assure you won’t have that problem with me! I try to do all types of exercises in order to have enjoyable lessons for both of us. You have the first lesson for 5€. You have the opportunity to meet me and see if I am your Spanish teacher or not!


You will have a schedule 100% adapted to your availability. You will decide the number of lessons you want to take, you will reserve your lessons every week, directly from the web and,  if you want to change your schedule each week, you won’t have any problem.

Do you want to speak with me?

Can I help you with your Spanish? Don’t be shy! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me!                Fill in the fields and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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