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Do you want to learn Spanish? Let’s do it!

Dismiss the idea that Spanish is difficult. It’s relatively easy to learn. You only need to stay motivated and keep it fun, dismissing fears to speak in another language.

What is your goal for learning Spanish?

  • I am tired of not being able to have a meaningful conversation with my coworkers
  • I want to understand my partner’s family
  • I can’t communicate with clients. I need Spanish for work
  • I want to enjoy Spanish films in the original


  • Why learning Spanish is important for you?
  • Which are your learning language goals?
  • Why Spanish is relevant to your life?


Please, take a notebook and a pen and think why learning Spanish is important for you, your learning language goals and why Spanish is relevant to your life.

Time to ‘turn the page’. I don’t want you to fill this notebook with irrelevant vocabulary. You have to find out what terms you really need and which ones you will use. Ok, which are the most basic sentences you are going to use everyday? Please, take some minutes to think about them.

I hope you have written down words like ‘hello’ and phrases like ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Goodbye’ 🙂

Now, I want you to look for their translation and the correct pronunciation. Repeat them loudly.

So, write down only potentially useful vocabulary and set aside the impossible vocabulary lists.

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There are so many options to start learning a new language. Here you are some ideas that will really help you to start learning or improving your level of Spanish. Keep reading if you want to know more! Ok but, how do I start? What should I learn right away and what can wait?


If you decide to learn by yourself, I highly recommend you try watching telenovelas, since the story has simple plots and are easy to follow.
Another excellent practice is to watch movies or series you have already seen in English and try to watch them in Spanish. You know what is going to happen and what characters are speaking about, so you will only focus in words said in Spanish.

Other option to teach yourself is listen to Spanish podcasts. You can easily find them for free online. There is a huge amount of free podcasts made for Spanish learners or, if you prefer, you can listen to podcasts of native Spanish speakers about many topics.

You also can read children’s stories in Spanish or, if you feel confident, read one you have read in your language. If you know the plot, it’s easier to understand.


If you decide to learn with the aid of a qualified Spanish teacher, you have different options as well. You can have Spanish lessons in an academy or you can have a particular Spanish teacher, online or private.

  • Spanish Academy: If you decide to study in a Spanish Academy you have to know all the advantages and disadvantages this option has. Do you want to know them?
  • Qualified Spanish Teacher: What happens if you decide to learn Spanish with a qualified and native Spanish teacher? Everything is an advantage!! You have two different options: online or offline Spanish teacher


Online Spanish Courses



  • Group lessons give you the opportunity to go through a cooperative learning
  • You can learn new ways of learning
  • You have less stress, since you are not the teacher’s focus constantly
  • You can learn from and with your friends
  • Your motivation will increase for following the pace of the group
  • If your friends are from different countries, you have the possibility of knowing other cultures and you must communicate totally in the language you are learning, in this case Spanish


  • Everything is preset
  • You have a fixed schedule and program
  • A group class don’t give you the opportunity to speak a lot with natives
  • You have to pay an enrolment fee

Online Spanish Courses



  • You have the freedom to shape your classes
  • You can decide what you want to learn and when
  • You have a schedule 100% adapted to your availability
  • You have a 100% personalised program, the perfect way your progress is assured
  • All learning materials are adapted to you, to your needs and goals
  • You can speak with a native Spanish speaker
  • You are going to speak Spanish from the beginning, what makes your Spanish level and proficiency to increase little by little
  • You don’t have to pay any enrolment fee


  • It’s you and the teacher
  • There is not a dynamic group process of learning
  • Can you find more disadvantages?

Online Spanish Courses



    • The alphabet
    • Greetings and goodbyes
    • Countries and Nationalities
    • Verbs ser and llamarse
    • Definite article
    • Gender and number of nouns
    • Regular verbs in present
    • Reflexive verbs
    • Verb tener
    • Indefinite article
    • (No) hay + article
    • Prepositions of place
    • Verb estar
    • Hay vs Está (n)
    • Muy vs Mucho
    • Possessive adjectives
    • Physical and Character adjectives
    • Verbs ser, tener and llevar
    • Verb ir
    • Verbs necesitar, querer, preferir + infinitive / noun
    • Prepositions a and en with verbs of movement
    • Some irregular verbs
    • Adverbs / Expressions of quantity
    • Adverbs / Expressions of frequency
    • Verbs gustar, encantar …
    • Verb doler, tener dolor de…
    • Indirect Object pronouns
    • Adjectives and adverbs of quantity
    • Gerund: form and use
    • Ir a + infinitive
    • Opinion: creo que, pienso que, para mí + opinion
    • Affirmative Imperative: regular and some irregular verbs
    • Present Perfect: regular and irregular verbs
    • Pretérito Indefinido (Simple past): form and uses


  • Nationalities
  • Names of countries and continents
  • Occupations and workplaces
  • Numbers from 1 to 101
  • Daily routine
  • The house: room and objects
  • The city
  • Family and social relations
  • Physical appearance and character
  • Clothes
  • Transports
  • Travelling
  • Free Time activities
  • Parts of the day
  • Days of week
  • Months of the year
  • Seasons of the year
  • Food and drinks
  • Body parts
  • Weather













If you learn all this….

  • You could introduce yourself and ask and give personal information about your address, profession or nationality
  • You could understand and use everyday expressions and basic phrases aimed to satisfy daily needs.
  • You could interact in a basic way provided that the other person talks both clearly and slowly.
  • You could ask and answer simple questions in present and past tense.
  • You could ask and give instructions, advices and orders
  • You could describe places and people using basic expressions and sentences
  • You could write short and simple texts

Online Spanish Courses

Why should you learn Spanish?

Why you should learn Spanish?

Speaking a second language gives you the opportunity to have a better job, to communicate and understand a culture better, without forgetting that a second language gives you the chance of having great and more positive experiences.

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. There are more than 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide. It continues growing, not only in quantity, but also economically, socially and culturally, especially in the United States.

Nowadays, if you are able to master Spanish and English, you have access to the whole American continent.

any questions?

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