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Top 7 reasons to learn Spanish

1. Spanish influence in the world

Instituto Cervantes, in its annual summary report explains that more than 480 million people speak Spanish as their mother tongue and more than 567 million speak Spanish. Another 21 million are studying it as second language.
On top of this. Spanish is one of the most spoken language on social networks so, why don’t you venture into the fantastic world of Spanish language and culture?

2. Help your career!

Employers look for people who speak Spanish in many different positions!
Speaking Spanish and other language, you have many opportunities to open doors to work and choose your destination, from Spain to Latin or Central America.

3. Enjoy books and films

If you are a film lover, maybe you prefer movies in their original version! Enjoy Spanish-language cinema and immerse yourself in the Spanish culture by star directors like Buñuel, Almodóvar or Bayona.
With these films, you will learn about the richness and diversity in the Spanish-speaking world. They will be an inspiration for the Spanish communication and will make you feel closer to the Spanish world, landscapes, people, practices and traditions.

It is important to know that this training module is suitable for students who have an intermediate or advanced level. The students will be more fluent in Spanish communication skills with engaging and motivational activities. What about Spanish literature? Practice vocabulary and grammar without realizing it! There are true works of art in its original language. Writers like Lorenzo Silva or Eduardo Mendoza have a direct and simply narrative but, at the same time, funny and creative.

4. Spanish tourism

If you are fluent in Spanish or hold a conversation in Spanish, you will make the most of your journey to Spain. This country is famous, among other things, because of museums, architecture and cities or towns with thousands of years of history.

Learning Spanish in a native country is the easiest way to learn. 24 hours a day / 7 days a week in contact with language and culture is the best option to gain maximum benefit of your stay.

5. Talk with your children

Did you know that the United States will be the largest speaking country by 2050? Yes, you are reading well, according to the Association of Spanish Language Academies, this will take place. So, if you are going to have children, they will speak Spanish or will have friends who speak it. Do you want to understand what they are talking about when they don’t speak English?

6. Keep your brain healthy and improve your cognitive skills

Did you know that to learn Spanish is a medical device? 😊 Studying languages helps you to improve your memory and makes you smarter! Moreover, according to some studies, the use of two languages reduces the chances of suffering some mental diseases.

7. Learning Spanish is really fun!

Do you like reading, watching films or listening to music? What about food? It doesn’t matter if your motivations are sentimental or intellectual, if you learn Spanish it will expand your universe and will satisfy you for the rest of your life 😊

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